The Shullman Research Center is a full-service marketing research and consulting organization that focuses on luxury, affluent, and wealthy consumers. It was founded at the urging of senior marketers in the luxury, affluent, and high net worth categories, who told us that what was missing — and what we provide — is actionable and predictive insights and data about the attitudes and behavior of these invaluable consumers. Our mission is to get beyond the facts; so while results can be measured, success must be understood. In bringing our expertise to our clients’ challenges, we go beyond the facts and aphorisms to identify trends and insights that explain — in both strategic and tactical manners — the dynamics behind success.

Among its initial offerings is The Shullman Luxury, Affluence and Wealth Pulse, the most comprehensive and authoritative source of insights about these key markets. This ongoing study focuses on the current thinking and future plans of America’s luxury, affluent and high net worth consumers, as well as their perspectives on current events and their shopping, buying and media platform behaviors.

From time to time, selected presentations, reports and white papers are available to interested parties. To review what is currently available, please click here to view the Insights page. In addition our ongoing insights attract regular attention from the business press (please click here for the latest media coverage).