The Shullman Luxury, Affluence and Wealth Pulse is the most comprehensive and authoritative source of insights about the shopping, buying and spending patterns as well as the future intentions and purchasing plans of the Luxury, Affluent and High Net Worth Marketplaces in the United States.

The Shullman Pulse has been designed for business leaders whose management responsibilities include determining the critical decisions businesses make about their futures. These business people include:

  • CEO’s and COO’s
  • Chief Marketing Officers
  • Product Marketers and Brand Managers
  • Retailers and Distributors (both “brick and mortar” and online) serving the Luxury, Affluent, and Wealth markets
  • Advertising agencies responsible for developing creative campaigns
  • Media agencies responsible for selecting the most effective communication channels
  • Private Bankers & Wealth Management Advisors
  • Management and Marketing Consultants

The Shullman Pulse is a vital tool for business people who require timely and useful insights and analyses that will lead to more informed business decision-making. Today, marketers and advertisers require insights delivered to them in a comprehensive and incisive manner that relate directly to their unique business demands, and the vast majority prefer to receive this critical information from one authoritative source, as opposed to several disparate sources. Whether a business needs to reach target audiences in a more effective manner; understand buying motivations; identify the evolving, competitive context; or improve market share, The Shullman Pulse is an integral source of intelligence and insights regarding the Luxury,Affluent and Wealth Marketplaces in the United States. In addition subscribers will also receive periodic White Papers on selected topics of interest derived from the ongoing surveys, based on subscriber comments and requests.

The key, distinguishing benefits that The Shullman Pulse provides to its subscribers include:

  • Delivery of frequent insight reports using a high quality, web-based surveying approach
  • Providing current as well as trended insights
  • Focusing on five distinct segments of American Luxury, Affluent and Wealthy consumers:
    • Luxury-oriented consumers (those with household incomes of $500k or more as well as those with household incomes from $250K to $499K)
    • Affluent consumers (those with household incomes of $75K to $149K as well as those with household incomes from $150K to $249K)
    • Millionaires (those with net worths of $1 million or more)
  • Monitoring the remaining American consumer segment (those with household incomes of less than $75K) who from time to time also buy Luxury and Affluent brands in a number of categories (e.g., cosmetics/fragrances, wine/spirits, apparel and accessories, automotive by leasing, travel, etc.) and sometimes have relatively low incomes but are millionaires
  • Finally, for those with specific, brand-related issues and tracking needs, including customized questions and conducting respondent recontact studies for additional fees

In summary, by offering its subscribers the benefits of syndicated as well as customized insights, in a frequent and timely manner, The Shullman Pulse is transforming American business’ understanding of the Luxury, Affluent and Wealth Marketplaces.

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