The Shullman Research Center (SRC) is a full-service marketing research, media research, and consulting organization that focuses on American luxury, affluent, and wealthy consumers compared with mainstream consumers. It was founded at the urging of senior executives in the luxury, affluent, and high-net-worth categories, who told us that what they were not able to obtain — and what we now provide — is actionable intelligence, insights and data about these three very valuable market places as well as advice about the attitudes and behaviors of these invaluable consumers compared to mass-market consumers. Recently at the request of a number of marketing leaders, we are now also focusing on CSR and ESG, topics of great interest to many brands.

We bring our expertise to our clients’ challenges, and we go beyond the aphorisms to identify trends that explain — in both strategic and tactical ways — the dynamics that will lead to success.

Among SRC’s offerings is the Shullman Luxury, Affluence, and Wealth Pulse, the most comprehensive and authoritative source of insights about these key markets. This study focuses on the current thinking and future plans of America’s luxury, affluent, and high-net-worth consumers compared with mainstream consumers, as well as their perspectives on current events and their shopping, buying, and media platform behaviors.

  • Insights


    For organizations needing to understand more about market trends and developments, we deliver focused insights about how their markets are changing and what’s required to address their customers’ and prospects’ needs.

  • Research


    We design and execute syndicated and customized research studies — both market and media research, both qualitative and quantitative — that deliver the insights, data, and advice that clients need in order to address their challenges and explore their opportunities.

  • Consulting


    Our team has the relevant expertise to design, conduct, and deliver consulting and advisory engagements to meet our clients’ strategic, tactical, and story-telling needs, enabling them to address their short- and longer-term challenges.

  • Training


    We can help with one of the major challenges organizations face today: training staff to interact with customers and prospects appropriately in a rapidly changing marketplace.