The Shullman Research Center provides actionable research into the worlds of affluence, luxury, and wealth compared with mainstream America. We provide the following research options:

Syndicated Research
The Pulse is the most comprehensive and authoritative source of insights about the shopping, buying, and spending patterns — as well as the future intentions and purchasing plans — of the luxury, affluent, and high-net-worth marketplaces in the United States. It can also compare those with the large mainstream marketplace.

Custom Research
The Shullman Research Center delivers custom qualitative and quantitative insights-oriented research to meet your organization’s strategic and tactical needs.

Insights White Papers
The Shullman Research Center regularly publishes white papers on luxury, affluence, and wealth market trends compared with those of mainstream America.

Mass-Market Insights Research

The Shullman Pulse provides a robust data base and insights for organizations that want to understand current attitudes and behaviors among the majority of American consumers compared with upscale consumers.

Key Benefits

  • Understand what motivates the purchase of luxury goods and wealth-oriented services among mass-market consumers
  • Gain key insights into the motivations of the wealthy and affluent
  • Get actionable data on what’s going on for your business